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What is a guided fishing session?

To be a successful angler, you need to know where to fish, when to fish and how to fish.

The only way to discover the answer to the above questions is to spend many hours of trial and error, experimenting in all winds and weathers until patterns begin to emerge and you can build your knowledge based upon them.

An angling guide is someone who has already done that and is offering a service whereby he can pass that information on to you at a cost in the same way as you may pay for the services of a fitness instructor or tennis coach.

I am offering to guide and assist you with your shore fishing on the middle to upper reaches of the English side of the Bristol Channel.

How Does it work with The Gambling Angler?

Simply select the type of booking you are interested in, choose a date from those available and click the buy now button. Please use the message box if you have any special requests or requirements on the day or to provide any information that may help me to help you.

What happens after I have placed my booking?

Once you have made your booking, you will receive a confirmation email. If you have booked a 6 hour tailored session, we will discuss the details of your session by phone or email and what you are hoping to achieve from it within two days of your booking. We will cover everything so that I know exactly what you expect on the day. I will then make contact with you again a day or two before the planned session to asses the weather and give you a time and location to meet.

If you have booked a 4 hour hour beginners / improvers session, I will contact you with details including meeting place and time one to two days before the session. You might be part of a group of no more than three other anglers, so punctuality is important- please. I can't hold back the tide!


What will happen on the day of the session?

On the day of whichever session you have chosen we will meet at a pre determined location at a given time and I will ask you to sign an insurance document. We will then head out to our location for the session. I will assist you with every aspect of your fishing and give you practical advice and encouragement to assist you with (hopefully) catching some fish. If you are a competent angler, perhaps who wishes to fish themselves without my assistance, that is perfectly fine too.

As a client, the session is about YOU and I will do my upmost to ensure you enjoy it.The stated session duration will be the minimum time spent under my guidance.

If your session is successful (many are!), there will be the potential to document it through social media and/or magazine articles. I will specifically ask you on the day if you are happy for this to happen but again, the choice is entirely yours.

What if I am unable to attend?

Notice should be given at least seven days prior to the date of your booked session and you will receive a full refund. I regret that failure to do so will result in 50% of your booking cost being retained to cover costs. 


Will I / my party be safe?

When you take part in a guided fishing session with The Gambling Angler, your personal safety will be my first consideration. Adequate steps will be taken to ensure this is paramount at all times and you will be advised on practical measures that will be offered in your best interests that ultimately you are responsible for adhering to. 

The nature of fishing on the coast will mean that aside from the obvious fact that you will be in close proximity to water, you will more often than not be fishing from uneven rocks, slippery weed, mud or in some cases even be fishing from a considerable height above the water.

If I enjoy fishing, can you advise me on tackle?

Yes- I have worked in the tackle trade at Veals Mail Order for 18 years and seen most rod and reel combinations during that time. I have tried and tested many different items of fishing tackle and I'm currently an ambassador for UK based sea fishing tackle manufacturer Anyfish Anywhere. If you are thinking of making a purchase, I can offer you free and friendly advise. If that wasn't enough, every client who books a guided session online will receive a 10% discount code for Veals Mail Order! This will be issued after the session.

Is there anything else I need to know?


  • You will be asked to sign a health and safety brief and a disclaimer, both of which will be issued to you on the day of your session. It is important that these are filled out correctly as they validate my insurance policy.


• Guided sessions are suitable for those of twelve years of age and above. However, in the case of those under the age of 16, a parent or guardian must be present at all times.

• Disabled anglers are welcome but any existing conditions need to be declared prior to the guided session when it may or may not be possible to accommodate any special requirements or, ultimately, for you to fish. Please contact me prior to booking if you are in any doubt.

• Pets are welcome, but they are the responsibility of their owner and should be kept under full control at all times. 

• I/The Gambling Angler reserves the right to cancel a session with immediate effect if I/it feel that the behaviour of a client under my guidance is compromising the safety of him/herself, myself, another member of my party or a member of the public.

• Consumption of alcohol or substance abuse during a guided session will not be tolerated. If there is good reason to believe that a client is intoxicated or under the influence of recreational or medicinal drugs, the session will be terminated or you will be asked to leave the group and in the case of the former, payment received prior to the session retained in full.

The Gambling Angler reserves the right to cancel any booking due to extreme weather that could compromise the productivity of the session and/or personal safety and any other unforeseen event.


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